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Welcome to Trendy FootI think we can all remember when we were young children and would clomp around in our mother’s and sister’s shoes. Oh, what fun that was!  Well, we may be big girls now ….. but shoes are still fun and exciting with so many great styles and brands to choose from these days. The selection is endless and the styles are divine!


Trendy Wonens ShoesThis website will be a fun place to visit and it will be updated regularly with new information and tips on trends, styles and brands. But most important of all, it will be providing the best places to shop for the top brands at the lowest prices. Let’s face it ….. we do love our shoes and boots, but we also love to save money. Here’s to finding the greatest styles at the best possible prices!




Dog with Shoes






Check out these new Skechers Burst High Tops ……..


Skechers Women Shoes





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